hi, i'm betsy, welcome to the new HELLO TUESDAY. i'm 25, living and loving in the beautiful city of austin, TX. i started this blog back in july of 2013 where i shared little snip bits of my life and style and it was pretty nerve wrecking--i gotta say! i never thought of myself as a blogger that anyone would care to follow. 

before hello tuesday, i was working NON-STOP. at that time, i felt that i could do it all and for a awhile it was going great. i learned A LOT and i came across a bunch of obstacles i never thought i could overcome. i also made plenty of mistakes a long the way; however, i felt my creativity was definitely being overseen. AND that's where hello tuesday came into to play.

i've had a great time just sharing my thoughts and outfits. and i am so grateful for every opportunity hello tuesday has brought me. i appreciate you all so much! i really wish that i had been more consistent in the past several months. but moving cities and shifting gears from the "business world" to the "fashion world" definitely took me time to adjust.. and let's face it. i still have so many more NEW obstacles to overcome but i'm up for it. 

currently, i am a marketing consultant for a med spa, a am a PR intern at a start up home goods company, i am also working on a few projects of my own that i will share here on my blog in due time, I AM working on my own line (slowly but surly) and let's not forget.. i'm still trying to figure out this whole grown up thing and what i want in life. aren't we all?

i'm slowly finding my rhythm here in austin, i'm learning a lot about myself and my love for design and style in so many different aspects each day. the NEW hello tuesday will showcase all that. more style, more of what inspires me, more design, more beauty, more food (yes, i'm going to give this whole cooking thing a shot), and just a little MORE of everything.

i believe in growing and creating and i'm excited to share this journey with y'all, one post at a time. 

XO ❥