last week my sister called to tell me that she was going to visit for a few weeks before school started and that i couldn't tell anyone she was coming down. do you have any idea how hard it is to keep this kind of information all to myself? its torture, but completely worth it! she'd been ignoring her best friend ariel for a week, which never happens. ariel was going on the fritz, she called me once, but like marlee i couldn't answer risking what i knew. she even sent out an sos on marlee which was just the cutest thing!

when marlee landed, we headed straight for her friend elyse's house (elyse's mom was in on the surprise and told us where ariel and elyse would be). we snuck in the house without anyone seeing us which was a challenge, but managed to surprise the heck out of them. two very different reactions from her best friends, ariel could not stop crying and elyse couldn't hide her amusement and shock of marlee's arrival.

marlee's visiting! ariel wouldn't let her go! so excited to have my sister back, even if it's just for a few weeks!