h&m online!

h&m online

it's about time!

i've been waiting for this day to come for years, literally! i don't know how many times i've emailed them throughout the years asking when their online store would be up, it'd been "in the works" for years and now it's finally here and i can't hide my excitement! i was jumping up and down like a little kid when i heard the good news! below are my favorite picks! i went a little crazy, i ordered a lot more but these seven items are my absolute favorite! the yellow crop top $2.95, are you kidding me! and those gray pants, i've been looking for a pair for awhile, i'm glad i found some, and under $40.. yes, please! honestly, that's probably my favorite part of shopping at h&m.the prices! i can get about two or three complete outfits for under $100, i love it. i created this set on polyvore, my favorite place to go on to find an item or to compare prices on! i think i visit this website like five or six times a day, its pretty ridiculous but pretty amazing at the same time!

H&M Picks
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hope y'all have an amazing weekend! happy friday, xo.