probably the coolest thing to do in the valley!

on friday, my friend marla and i went to this place called tipsy canvas, an art studio that offers a fun night of painting while drinking!! the instructor takes you step by step through the entire process, if you've never painted in your life (like me), don't worry-- you'll be able to keep up and you'll have the most fun doing so! don't get me wrong, i was stalking my fellow classmates paintings, complaining to marla why mine didn't look that theirs, but i just had to face the fact that i am no artist nor do i have the patience to be one. but for it being our first time, i think our painting turned out alright, and to think we had alcohol in our system! this is a fun, new experience that everyone should definitely try!

tipsy canvas 1 tipsy canvas 2oh my, ^^this wine!^^ it's so yummy, my new favorite!

tipsy canvas 3 tipsy canvasi had a great time catching up with marla, it was way overdue! thank you, marla for going with me, it was lots of fun!

other than tipsy canvas, my weekend wasn't that exciting! orly and i  stayed in all weekend. after the week we had, spending as much time with bella was a must for us. so our weekend consisted of catching up on shows and eating.. a lot! we had our favorite new yorker, three cheese pizza from peter piper pizza, yum! ppp

seeing ^^this^^ makes my mouth water and now i want to go back to saturday and grad a slice!

sunday, we had sushi.. what?? yes, sushi! i tried sushi for the first time in seven years a couple of weeks ago and i didn't throw it up this time. in fact, i didn't hate it at all. the texture freaked me out but i was able to keep it down, which is a huge deal for me. orly's been trying to break me out of my shell for over five years now and he's slowing breaking through. he's always trying to make me try new things and sushi was at the top of his list. on sunday, we picked up kumori to go and he had me try two rolls this time. picasso rollthis ^^here^^ is the picasso roll, although it is yummy,  i think it's too much raw fish for me; however, i did like the spicy kick to it. i don't know what's in, and frankly.. i don't want to know. the thought of having raw fish in my mouth still freaks me out a bit and if i think about it too much, it'll probably be another seven years until i give sushi another go! kamikaze^^the kamikaze roll,^^ i did like.. a lot actually! i had three little rolls! three!! i enjoyed it very much and i may even order a roll for myself the next time we go to kumori. it wasn't too fishy and the spicy mayo and red sauce made it all the more delicious. orly is definitely going to make me try new rolls each time we go and to be honest, i'm kind of excited to go on this sushi voyage with him :)

hope y'all had a good weekend!