that week in august when i finally took a mini-vacay (part I)

i know, its been long overdue! i've been pretty busy getting back to work and i'm not going to lie! i've been pretty lazy about going through over 200 pictures on my camera and phone and not to mention the editing! eeesh! and also reading five books in one week (one book i read twice) wasn't such a good idea! it was a great distraction! but nevertheless, i finally got around to posting my pictures from los angeles!here it goes..

so about three weeks ago, my family and i drove 24 hours to los angeles to help my sister move up there. very exciting but the drive.. not so much! we left pretty late that saturday after some long and harsh good-byes! we still had to stop in san antonio to pack up a few of my sisters belongings (which reminds me, i still have to go up there and bring all my stuff down, ah!) and we didn't end up leaving sa until nine at night! do you have any idea how scary it is to drive at night without any street lights!?? my biggest fear was running into a deer! there were so many warning signs and no joke, we saw a few on the road which really just freaked me out! the drive went by surprisingly fast! we drove throughout the night all the way to new mexico and the sunrise was coming up right before getting to arizona! we ended up getting to la around four in the afternoon!

cali^entering california^tripfinally^finally^marlee^she's set!^

it had been three years since the last time i was in los angeles and boy did i miss it! we didn't really do any of the touristy things like go to the chinese theater to see the hollywood sign or go to universal studios, we've done that! i really just wanted to not have a set schedule to where i had to wake up at eight in the morning and had things to do everyday, nope! my little mini-vacay wasn't about that! i was there to relax and to make sure my sister was settled! oh, and to shop of course! lets not forget that!

we had a lot of fun, waking up late and going to local restaurants and bars for happy hour! oh, we were big on happy hour! everywhere you go, its two for one drinks! i mean, come on! we definitely need more sports bars and places down here in the valley that have happy hour everyday! the only place i know of is chilis happy hours on sundays, but then again i'm a hermit and i wouldn't know of any other places! anyway, we ate.. a lot! went bowling, visited my sisters school, did some thrift shopping! and most nights we would either get food or make it at my aunts house and play games! heads up has got to be one of my new favorite games, its this app by ellen degeneres, it kind of like charades or taboo but it give you different categories like "movies" or "animals" so much fun! get app here and here!

anyway, our first day my brother woke me up at 7:30 in the morning! ugh! i answered the phone and yelled "i'm on vacation, don't bother me!" but he wanted to go to beach! there was no way i was going to wake up that early, after driving 24 hours the previous day so around ten in the morning we headed out to the beach!
we ended up at santa monica, i love it there! we had breakfast and headed out to the pier to play some volleyball and to skimboard on the beach! volleyball was a bust, we sucked! my sister wanted us to join a group of volleyball players but after sucking so bad we decided not to! they were getting so into it, diving for the ball and yelling "mine!" yeah, no we were definitely not about to ruin their game with our inexperience! so we walked the boardwalk and walked the beach! had a great time!

below are a few pictures of our time there, it was great visiting my family and getting my sister settled! i'm really going to miss her, like crazy!! but that just gives me an excuse to fly to la more often! i think my next visit will probably be in october, maybe for a weekend i don't know! our friends were pretty upset because we didn't bring them anything from our trip but it was mostly because we didn't really go anywhere that had touristy shops or anything, sure we went down hollywood boulevard, but it was blocks from all those shops! like i said, we didn't go there for the sites or anything, but next time we will definitely go!!

ps. most of these pictures are from my iphone so the pictures may not be that great!
enjoy! :)

21345^gah, could i just live here! seriously!^678^really need to frame this one! i love it^910^yes, i'm older and she's stronger!^11^love them^12^she really wanted a picture of us carrying her, and just jumped in our arms after the first picture^131415161718^yes, we're cute! :)^1920^walking down hollywood boulevard^21^happy hour!! two for one!^2223^favorite!^24^aunti ti! (she hates it when we call her aunt lol^25^you had to be there^ 26272829^wasteland (!!!!!)^303132^saw these everywhere and everytime it would get me beyond excited for this coming seasons, ah!^3334^rocco's two for one! aftr happy hour, the drinks are half the size for the same price!^35^love my sisters outfit! i had to buy that hat^36^this picture is gross, but while playing pool (we did this often) i thought i was a badass and was showing off my baton skills to orly with the pool stick and it kind of fell on my face! there was a tiny bruise the next day! never again!^37^in-n-out! yeah, we had it about every other night the whole week we were there! its ah-mazinggg!!! it's like our Whataburger, no joke!^383940^we ate so much bad stuff, that one day we tried to eat healthy :) but we just couldn't leave the fries ;)^414243^going to melrose^44^so many amazing thrift shops and stores on melrose, too bad we only went to a few! did i mention my brother hates shopping!^ 4546^champs sports bar^47^we went bowling! fun night :) my sister made a cute video! watch video here and here^48^he can be cute sometimes^

this is just part one of my mini-vacay! i will post part two once i have more time to go through the pictures and edit them! probably wont be tonight since the first game of the nfl season is tonight and my team is playing! so excited!

go broncos!!

until next time, xo! :)