it's been awhile

so i've been slacking off on this whole blog thing, but for good reason! there's work, and good reads that are incredibly distracting, i've also been looking into going back to school, so there's that! also, football! thursdays, all day sundays and mondays nights--that takes up a lot of time! my boy friend and i joined a fantasy football league this year, we're kind of clueless on the whole thing. we've lost the first two games but its not a big deal! hopefully we get better at this thing but did i mention we got in the wrong type of league. we joined an 16-man-league! i mean come on!! it was definitely hard to get good players, especially being the 11th round pick! but we did it to get our feet wet, and next year we'll be a little more prepared and we'll be ready to kick some ass! i also colored my hair darker, no one has really noticed since i still have the ombre going on, but i finally got it to the way i've always wanted it! yay!! :)


this past weekend, my family and i went to vegas for the fight: mayweather vs canelo! my family had two extra tickets, so my sister and i decided to join (i think the last one we went to was about 12 years ago, de la hoya was still out there winning and what not). but let me tell you, we know next to nothing about boxing! we knew mayweather was a beast but we were still rooting for canelo!  my sister and i could really careless, but my whole family was going for him, and being that we're mexican-american, it only seemed fitting! i'm pretty sure we were the only hispanics signing the nation anthem though! i really didn't like how they segregated the whole thing, either you're going for usa (mayweather) or you were going for mexico (canelo), what if you're american and want to chant "u-s-a" with everyone else but you're not rooting for mayweather? jeez!


it was a fun fight over all, the main event wasn't as entertaining as the junior welterweight fight: garcia vs. matthysse. garcia almost sealed matthysse's eye shut! it was crazy!! that was more entertaining if you ask me! canelo had his gloved up to his face the entire time and mayweather still got his shots through! i think canelo maybe got three good shots in but damn did mayweather make canelo look extremely slow! he definitely needs more experience but i commend him on taking on a fight that he wasn't ready for! it made him lose the undefeated title, but i mean look who he was competing against! mayweather holds the champion title, 45-0 damn that's crazy impressive! no wonder people say he's so damn cocky, he kind of has the right to be huh? whatever, i still think ufc fighting is more entertaining, i need to watch more of that! below are a few pictures from last weekend, enjoy!

34 ^how cute are my grandmothers, bffs!^5 ^i missed her!^6 7 8 9 10 12 ^a little blurry^11 ^on our way to the fight^13 1415 16 17 ^hate having to say good-bye to her :(^ 18

vegas was fun, i was losing pretty bad the first two nights but my luck changed on saturday! my sister did pretty awesome, she got a straight flush and a four of a kind in one day! good thing too, because she's broke! on sunday, i didn't really play much. football was on! so i spent my final hours at the sports bar! i placed a bet on my team and won! go broncos!! orly and i are super into sports betting now, ever since my win! we placed a $10 bet on the bangals on monday against the steelers and won $9, so yeah its pretty addicting! i hope it goes well for us! we'll be placing another small bet on the chiefs tonight! we have jamaal charles on our team so we're hoping to score some fantasy points, along with the bet, we'll see how that goes! below is a cute little video :) my sister had my dad jump in excitement! so cute! :) [vimeo 74939549 w=570&h=420] hope y'all have a great day! weekend is almost here, yay! i'm heading up to san antonio tomorrow, my best friend sasha is coming down from denver and meeting with her wedding planner! and she also has her bridal shoot this weekend too! ahh, so excited! as her maid of honor, it is my duty to be there for support and to make sure she doesn't get too drunk the night before her shoot so she can look absolutely gorgeous in her pictures! game on!!


until next time, xoxo!