fantasy bust

i give up! fantasy football is a pain! everyone on our bench this week did better than our line up. if we had played decker (like i told my boy friend) we would have had our first win but he never listens to me. he'll ask for my opinion on who we should play and doesn't even take my advice so next year, sorry babe but i'm getting my own team!can we just talk about how amazing denvers been doing, i don't want to jinx it (knock on wood) but i really have hope that my team is going to make it all the way to the superbowl! the way peyton mannings been playing, i mean i only just started getting into football but i keep hearing on sports center, radio and read online how he's never been better! he's been breaking records, throwing complete touchdowns and making it look so easy! 38 and he's still got it, love it! 1 this weekend was pretty productive, i drove up to san antonio to see my best friend and meet with her wedding planner, she finally picked out floral and linens and she has a little bit of piece of mind now! she also took her bridal pictures which i know are going to turn out amazing, she looked gorgeous! sasha's bridal shower is on saturday, so she's actually going to be here all week which is exciting! my birthday is on monday so we're going to celebrate saturday night, the last time we were able to celebrate each others bday was probably in high school, six years! i'm happy she'll be around this year, even though i'm really not up for doing much! i haven't made a big deal about my birthday since my 21st! and now that i'm turning 24, eeek! i don't want to grow up anymore, can i just be 23 forever? i hope y'all had a good weekend and a happy tuesday, monday's suck but i hope yours was better than mine! xo