that week in august when i finally took a mini-vacay (part II)

here are a few pictures of the trip i took last month. yes, i finally "got around to it.. okay!" (nacho libre reference! lol)if you read part one here, then you know we really didn't do any site seeing or whatever. so the last days we were there, we just went out to eat, went to a few bars for happy hour (go figure) and the last day we went to the farmers market in west hollywood! i don't know how i've never done that before! i wish we had more time there to explore! that's something we are definitely going to have to revisit, i could probably be there for hours. i think the closest thing we have to something like that here in the valley are the flea markets which i've been meaning to visit! of course here, you probably wont find any healthy food and yogurt! which believe me, that wouldn't be the reason for me going! i would mainly be going for the mexican food and munchies: hot cheetos and cheese, nachos, corn in a cup.. yes, all that bad stuff! also, orly and i have been wanting to look for old games to play on nintendo, so we definitely need to go soon. anyway, i hope you enjoy the pictures below. you may have seem most of these on my instagram but some are new! it's humpday, which means the weekend is around the corner yay! so much planned this weekend! still have no idea what i'm doing for my birthday but i'm sure something will come to mind! xo

12^we went to an english pub called the fox and hounds in studio city and their billboard up top is always associated with something from the uk. and i guess since charlie hunnam (hubba hubba) is english, it suits the bar. i should have gotten a shirt from there, they were pretty awesome, next time!^3^yum^4567^they have himalayan salt candles!! seriously, i don't even want to think about how my allergies would be if i didn't have these in my life!^8^planet dailies^9^the grove^10^topshop^1112^this place is just too darn cute!^1314^pinkberry! yes, i like cap'n crunch in my yogurt!^1516 ^i liked this bench^17^handy market from he's just not that into you, seriously when that movie came out.. i could watch it over and over!^18^hated having to say good-bye, who knows when my next trip up there will be!^