one year older

i'm 24 now.1 eh, i don't feel any different and it's not like my birthday was really something to look forward to anyway. next year i'll be 25, damn!

moving on..

below are a few pictures from my birthday. i haven't gone out out in the valley in awhile, and it was pretty fun. we wen't downtown.. i honestly can't remember the last time i was there but we went to a club called crimson and i actually enjoyed myself! we were in at the back corner so it wasn't too crowded or too hot, which most clubs are so it was refreshing and i wouldn't mind going there again. it was great seeing everyone, some friends came out to celebrate with me and i was so happy to have them there. 234^abbie! everytime we get together we begin right where we left off. we've going to make it a point to get together again, i had missed her so much! i'm so happy she came out! :)^5^ran into some friends from high school! we've known each other since elementary! priscilla and i share the same birthday so it was great briefly celebrating together and catching up. congrats again pamela!^678^love them!^910^i missed you barbs!^

great night! the next morning i was surprised that i didn't wake up with a headache. i woke up early.. no surprise there and was so ready for football sunday funday. we went to wings and rings with some friends to watch the broncos dominate, which they did. go broncos! 12^as you can see, i finally got my manning jersey! my boy friend is amazing!^13^never accepting a birthday shot from my friend joey again. when i got it i asked him if it was a four horsemen. for all i knew, that shot was the most deadly. he assured me it wasn't, and technically he wasn't lying but little did i know i was taking down a five start general which apparently is similar to a four horsemen.. with an extra shot! instant drunkness is all i can say to that. but i had fun, which is all that matters i guess!^ :)