i suck, i know!

I've been slacking sooooo much on this thing. i really don't know how bloggers find the time to edit and post, edit and post, everyday. i commend them! i'm really going to try to post at least once a week. that was the plan anyway.. every tuesdays, duh! but i just suck and i've been neglecting my little hobby! but i'll get better! life has been pretty hectic at the moment. i have so much work to catch up on its insane and i couldn't have slacked off at a worse time. and i'll be away for 5 days next week for my best friends wedding! omg its next weekend, i can't believe it's almost here! and i still need to get my dress fitted (sasha don't get mad, lol), i'm also waiting for my little jacket to get done for the church and now i just received a damn email saying that the garter i ordered for sasha has been cancelled, great! it was perfect and i don't want to risk ordering one online again so close to the wedding so i'm going to look for one in town tomorrow. oh, and lets not forget the maid of honor speech.. kill me! i've been stressing about this since the day sasha asked me to be her moh! i'm the worst at these things.. expressing my feelings? not something i'm very good at but i am definitely going to try. sasha, if i suck, please know that i love you and i really wish you the best! don't worry my speech will be a lot better than that, i'm not that horrible!

stay tuned for a few new posts, i'll be posting later today and throughout the week:

  • my best friends bachelorette weekend! (part I)
  • fantasy football update
  • boy friends birthday

happy tuesday!

xo :)