fantasy football update

so we've pretty much sucked at this whole fantasy football thing.. even betting is kicking our ass but i have no doubt we'll get back on top with that. i'm not too hopeful for my fantasy team though! so, depending on how well vincent jaskson does today, we will either be 3-7 or 2-8. but by the way he's been playing, or should i say scoring, it doesn't seem likely that we will win this week either. last week, we lost someone who played michael vick while he was on bye.. and we still lost! i know i've mentioned this a few times, but never again am i getting into a 16-man-league! what were we thinking, for our first time ever playing, we didn't play it smart at all! this week, we played against someone who had peyton manning! geez! and right now, the team i'm playing against is winning! he doesn't have players active anymore so we pretty much need 3.73 points from vincent jaskson for the win! i'm not too hopeful though, he's been doing shit for us lately! he's not that consistent. one week he'll give us three points and the next he'll give us 20+ points but last week he got me one damn point! next week, seattle goes on bye and i'll have to bench russel wilson and play geno smith. i was told to drop geno and pick up a running back because i desperately needed one for yesterday's game since jamaal charles was on bye! but i knew i couldn't drop geno since seattle goes on bye week 11, and no joke he may not be the best but at least he gets pretty good numbers!  we ended up dropping edleman and picked up peyton hillis. um, yeah that wasn't so smart! i didn't mind getting rid of edleman but hillis got us .10 points. yeah, that sucked! hopefully jackson comes through and gets us those 3.73 points to have at least another win! if not, then i guess i just give up! but for real this time!

fingers crossed!

denver plays chiefs this sunday! omg, I cannot wait! that is going to be one intense game, but I have faith in my team! i know they wont disappoint!

go broncos!!