my best friends bachelorette weekend (part I)

what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!12

so, a few weekends ago, i planned a bachelorette weekend getaway for my best friend, sasha! let me tell you, i don't think i have ever partied so much in one weekend since like ever! not even in high school i don't think, not even those times i've actually blacked-out (sorry mom), nope! that weekend was by far the craziest weekend i have ever experienced, and in vegas of all places! we all had such a blast, but by the time everyone got home we were all wondering how the hell we did it! going out every single night, staying up till all hours of the day and night and still ready to do it all over again the next day! we all pretty much took a whole week to recuperate. regardless, we had the most fun! our suite was amazing! we got a penthouse suite at the aria hotel, best view and hotel room that i have every stayed at by far! our restroom seriously looked like a sorority bathroom! one bathrooms for 7 girls, thank goodness they were very spacious. the shower had a steam button which felt wonderful after getting super drunk and feeling super gross the next day! life saver! and the tub, well lets just say it was big enough to pass out in ;)

i'm really not at liberty to discuss all the activities we did throughout the weekend but we did have the most fun and we have pictures to prove it! enjoy :)

1^our hotel had us picked up at the airport :)^2^shots, shots, shots!!^3^first night out!^4^encore!^5^bride-to-be!^679^ariel!^10^i got to see my beautiful sister!^1315^ariel, how??!^17^so fun!^16^i loved my outfit, and all from zara! love my quilted ankle high booties! but boy was i wrong to try and break them in my first night.. and in vegas of all places! geez, betsy!!^18^ugh, i love my free people dress! i can't wait for it to get a little colder down here so i can match it with some tights and a black cargi! i only got to wear this outfit for like 2 hours and i feel like it was such a waste, i love that dress!!^19^yeah, what can i say! we all look amazing!^2021^drinks at cabo wabo!^2226^how cute does sasha look, i mean come on!^23^sasha's entourage!^29^she wanted to take pictures with us! our tutu's were a big hit! note to self: having a bachelorette party in vegas? make sure to stand out for the perks!!!^27^oh, our love for lipstick!^2830313233^seriously love these girls!!!^3435^& that's all you'll see from that party!^363940^i swear, that was her dancing move in high school^4142^limo ride to the after hours party!^43

we took a bunch of pictures with our iphones and cameras.. i still have to edit the ones i have on my camera! but that's all i have for now, i will definitely be posting more later!

this weekend is extra special! sasha is getting married on saturday! omg sasha is getting married on saturday! i still can't believe it! i feel like just yesterday jason and i were planning on how he was going to propose, which was actually took place a year ago today, and now the time is finally here! where did the year go! i leave for san antonio on wednesday. so excited to see everyone, and my sister is flying down this week as well, for the wedding! it's going to be so amazing and perfect! i cannot wait!

well, until next time! xo