boy friends birthday!

3i'm dating an old man ;p

my boy friend, orly turned 25 two weekends ago! we celebrated by throwing him a little something at the ranch. we played beer pong and flip cup! the girls totally beat the guys! it was a close one though, we were going to seven and the guys had three and we had three and in the end, us girls just dominated and came out champions! the guys may disagree but we kicked their ass fair and square! it was a fun night, orly had a great time seeing everyone, some of his old friends that he hadn't seen in a long time showed up, which was great. and he and his best friends got so wasted and started dancing to every song, it was hilarious! i couldn't deal with them by the end of the night!

i have a few pictures from my iphone but not as many as i should have taken. i really need to start using my slr but geez that thing is so big to carry around everywhere. not to mention, that night was hot and humid and that weather was doing strange things to my hair. it was a mess all throughout the party, but honestly by the end of my first beer pong game, i really didn't care! :) i was just trying to make sure orly had a great time, which he did and that was all that mattered to me!

1^i seriously don't know what orly and mario were doing in the back ground!^24^the winning girls team, so we had two guy but we still won! boo, it came out a little blurry!!^5^this one came out better, but orly totally photobombed it!^6^look at that hair, ugh! disgusting!^7^you're cute, babe!^8^love this girl!^

well, that's it! told ya i didn't have as many pictures as i would have liked :/ until next time, xo!!