where did the last month go?

wow, practically a whole month has gone by since i've posted something, but i finally got to editing some pictures for y'all. i'll be posting a few pictures of sasha and jason's wedding and a few from thanksgiving in la. i've had so much work to catch up on and last week i was playing mom and taking care of my little cousins, while my aunt and uncle went on a mini-vacation to costa rica! i love those boys! watching over them made me realize how much they've grown, my cousin tyler is 12 years-old and his shoe size is an 8.5! that's insane, i'm just a 7 in girls, which is what a 5, 6 in men?! geez, and ryan is just growing and growing! he's grown about 2-3 inches since may! growing boys, what can i expect when their dad is 6'2. spending that much time with them, also made me realize how so not ready i am to have a family. lots of responsibility! i can barely take care of myself, let alone take care of another human being! lets just say it will be awhile before i have kids. loving my cousins and babysitting every once and awhile is more than enough for me right now. stay tuned for more posts today!