Baby Shower Fun

Ellooo (British accent),

I think I've mentioned before how a few friends, family and even a few of my favorite bloggers are oh so pregnant right now. There must be something in the water (cue Carrie Underwood who I believe is also pregnant) because seriously almost everyone I know is on baby number one or going on to baby number two. It's insane! Well, two weekends ago I got to attend my best friend, Sasha's, baby shower.. Well part one anyway. Gaby, one of her best friends from San Antonio threw her the cutest baby shower at Aldaco's Mexican restaurant. Loved it and I love San Antonio and even more now that it's only an hour or so away. We ate, we laughed and played a few games. I got to play the "feed the baby" game and guess who got to be the baby? Yup, me and even though banana Gerber used to be my favorite and it still smells yummy.. Yeah, no gross!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. I love hanging out with these girls. Ever since we bonded last year during Sasha's wedding festivities, we shared a few insiders (those are always fun) and talked about the last year and everything everyone has been up to since then. It was great catching up and we had a great time at the baby shower and had an amazing night in. Sangria (virgin for Sasha) and some great girl talk is definitely something a gal needs in her life every now and then. 

Sasha looked adorable in her blue printed dress and Jimmy Choo shoes and perfect little belly! I feel like the last time I saw her, we were in Vegas dancing and singing along to Britney and celebrating the SuperBowl and now she's three months away from having her first born! WHAT??! When she first let me know, I had missed her call and she called Orly immediately after and thankfully I was with him. We were both a mixture of shocked/excited/happy and OMG and honestly it didn't quite hit me until we were walking hand-in-hand (yes, best friends hold hands) through HEB looking for decaffeinated tea for her special virgin cocktail and she had that cute little six month waddle walk going on--it just hit me that OMG Sasha is bringing a real life human into this world and soon!! 

All this baby talk is so exciting, I love being an aunt. Even though I still feel that Sasha should have waited for me... Eh, I won't hold it against her, I knew it was coming. She had mentioned that she and her hubby wanted a baby right away and that's just amazing. I know I'm nowhere near ready to have a baby (sorry mom) but I'm so happy for my best friend. I've caught myself following mommy bloggers and baby fashion on Instagram. I send Sasha pictures of what I feel Baby needs to have in his life once he's born. I can't wait to meet him, Did I mention she's having a boy? I guess in the pictures it's quite obvious. No judging on my pictures below, I'm still messing with the camera and the lighting wasn't so great inside.

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures below. I know I need to work on my photography skills and "I'm getting around to it, okay?" Have a great day!