Saks Shoe Sale Wishlist

Happy (late) Tuesday! 

I don't know about y'all but come holiday season is pretty much broke season for me. Doesn't look like I can shop for myself for awhile. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but my brother and sister used to make fun of me (what am I talking about.. they still make fun of me for it) for something I like to call ONLINE "WINDOW" SHOPPING.

If you hate going out to shopping malls around holiday season and don't have the time to wait in those awfully long lines, this may be something you could do. Online window shopping is having your favorite online shops up on your desktop (like I do now) with all your carts filled with items you may want now or in the future. I usually save for what I think I want or can afford at that time and go from there but like I said around this time.. can't seem to shop for myself much but I did want to share what I wish I could have stored in my closet right now and I shall call it MY WISHLIST!

One of my aunts always defends me by calling my filled carts, my "vision boards" which made me want to share these vision boards of mine. I love my aunt and when it comes to my online window shopping addiction, I feel like she gets me. Well, I will definitely be updating my wishlists each week so stay tuned for more this coming week and weeks ahead of us. Usually my carts are filled with superficial items that are so completely out of my price range, but its nice to dream sometimes! Today I've added some shoes that I've been drooling for from Saks. A lot of wishful thinking items but that's what it's all about anyway. Can you tell I'm pretty obsessed with leopard print, ankle booties, and pointed tie pumps? I WANT, I WANT!!!

Some of these shoes are so worth saving for. If you like any of these boots or heels or sandals (yes, sandals! Spring will be here by the time you know it!), you can click on the picture and it will direct your to that particular shoe. Anyway, Saks has free shipping and returns right now just use code: HOLIDAY and take advantage of that 40% off. Also, this friday I will share my BLACK FRIDAY PICKS on Friday, November 28th at 12:01 AM. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Chloe shoes at 60% OFF!!!!! Why do I have to be broke right now? Well, stay tuned for more updates!

Have a great Tuesday night!