new site

so, i've been pretty busy with work lately and i haven't had much time to blog. i know i suck so much but i made up for some slacking i did during the holidays with several posts, such as: christmas time, ugly sweater party, my first bronco game, got a little drunk last night, happy new year, and the most recent, a 21st celebration. yup, took awhile but i finally got it done! :)

new site!!

new site!!

well, now you all can finally get a view of my new site! i've found a much easier outlet to blog, edit and post pictures so i  will be posting more often than before. i'll try to keep it updated every tuesday! but really this time :) there's several posts below to make up for the ones i lacked the last two months. i had a lot to catch up on, and as you can see i was busy making my blog look awesome :p hope y'all like it as much i do!

take a look at my new inspiration page! it will direct you to my tumblr that i've had for awhile but never used it until now! follow everything and anything that inspires me!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.14.45 AM.png

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 xoxo :)