thursday's thoughts

well, i've just had a lot on my mind lately and found myself blogging this morning. first off, i hate that i haven't tackled any of the new years resolutions i set for myself this year, and that annoys me. i don't know if it's work that's keeping me from it or if i'm just making excuses. i've also been eating horribly lately. i started losing the holiday weight i gained at the beginning of the year but i'm pretty sure i've gained it all back. to sum up, i've been slacking and i'm annoyed with myself. 

i started working out again but i'm not really seeing a difference, probably because i'm not eating as i should. on tuesday, my boy friend and i went to heb and we bought lots of food to stock his fridge with, mostly healthy. lately, i've been obsessed with adding avocado to everything now. to my salad's, to my burgers, and its a good fat to eat so i'm all for it! yesterday, for lunch i had a yummy tuna salad, which i will probably have again today. ever since my aunt told me that she's been skipping dinner but has a hefty lunch, i've been attempting to do the same. my tuna salad recipe is roughly around 500-700 calories, depending on how much ingredients you put into it. i have listed it below just in case anyone wants to try it out! it really is quite yummy! 

ignore the tomato, orly was also making a sandwich at the time! 

ignore the tomato, orly was also making a sandwich at the time! 

i know it looks questionable but i promise it is so good!

i know it looks questionable but i promise it is so good!

tuna salad recipe:

1 starkist tuna can (in water)

2 heart leaf romaine lettuce, chopped

1 large avocado, slice into squares (i like a lot of avocado, that's why i use a large one but it does contain a lot of calories even though its a good kind of fat, if you're counting calories you may want to use half or so)

2 slices of oscar mayer smoked ham (squared), cut into little squares

1-2 tbsp of mayo (you can switch to light mayo, if you want less calories)

5-10 zesta original saltine crackers

i don't add salt or pepper to it because i feel like the tuna is salty enough, but i know people that do, so feel free to add it to taste :) 


if y'all use it, please comment below and let me know how you like it! :)

anyway, this meal is really filling and you don't have to eat it all in one setting, i usually make it for lunch and i'll eat half right away, and maybe eat the other half like 2-3 hours later. i know i'm going off about eating better and working out but for me, its not about losing weight really, of course i would love to be 5-8 pounds lighter but even if i didn't lose weight and just replaced it with muscle, i would be happy with that. 

like i mentioned before, i haven't been able to keep any of my resolutions and one of those was running. i hated running when i was in high school, but now i feel like i want to do more. i normally do whole body vibration and far-infrared sauna therapy everyday, and at the beginning, when i first started a year ago, i lost most of my belly fat right away and it took me about 4 months to go down 20 pounds, which i've already gained like half back! but ever since i've incorporated workout routines to the machines, my body has all this energy and since wbv is just 20 minutes a day (even though its equivalent to a two hour workout), when i'm off the machine i feel like i want to do more! i love that wbv keeps me active, but i also need somewhere to direct that energy. my excuse for not running is that i don't have a partner to go with, but i'm done making excuses. its time to start doing! today would be a weird day to start my running mission, especially since the weather is acting up again, so i'll probably start monday and i'll keep a log of my progress. if anyone wants to run with me, let me know!! :D

speaking of the weather, i heard that the arctic freeze that we were having a few weeks ago that caused all the random weather, was gonna go on until may. and for about three weeks we've been having great sunny weather and then yesterday it was windy, rainy and in the mid 40's, how bizarre! but i mean i guess we should be expecting this trippy weather to continue for awhile. 

orly and i went to the movies yesterday, we've been wanting to go for awhile now but we never found the right time. and since i didn't have to work a whole day yesterday, we decided to go. there really wasn't anything we wanted to watch, the lego movie seemed too kiddish for us, so we saw the awkward moment. that was a mistake, we should have watched the lego movie for sure. the awkward moment was kind of a pointless film, it really didn't mesh well together. zac efron was certainly fun to look at and miles teller was pretty funny but the movie itself wasn't great and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 

i was really excited to go to the movies, it had been a long while!

i was really excited to go to the movies, it had been a long while!

in other news, a federal judge has ruled that texas' ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. finally! i honestly thought that texas would be the last state to allow same-sex marriage but it looks like we're one step closer to getting there. i'm happy for any gay and lesbian's who have fought so hard to get their rights back that should have never been taken. love is love and i'm happy for them! 

well, i hope everyone has a good weekend. i'll probably be starting mine today! i feel like playing darts and having a few beers might be just what i need today! have a good one, xo!