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how amazing is this, beautiful orca whales in their natural habitat, chasing a speed boat. if you've kept up with my instagram, twitter or my latest post on the matter, you'll know how strongly i feel about these beautiful, amazing creatures! in this video, it looks like a family of orca whales are chasing the speed boat kind of like dolphins do! look how incredibly close they get, it's like they're playing! it's an amazing site, and i wish i could see this in person. this was taken in mexico, i haven't been there in years but i just might have to make a trip to try to catch a site like this one. it breaks my heart how sea world can see something as beautiful as this, and still think that imprisoning their ocra whales is the humane thing to do. 

i've been invested in the petition to stop sea world from imprisoning ocra whales and i received an email on saturday that they have almost reached their goal but they still need more signatures to make a bigger impact!

it looks like sea world is pretty terrified of having to release their whales if they hired a top gun lobbyist to fight for them. sum of us, is definitely making a splash but they still need your help to make the difference! 

it looks like sea world is pretty terrified of having to release their whales if they hired a top gun lobbyist to fight for them. sum of us, is definitely making a splash but they still need your help to make the difference! 

if you don't know much about killer whales or much about the imprisonment and torture they go through at sea world, then i highly recommend you watch blackfish on netflix. its a documentary behind the killings at sea world and about a massive whale named tilikum whose spent over 30 years of his life imprisoned, starved and isolated. please sign the petition if you haven't already done so, and help stop this! 

these smart, beautiful, amazing creatures belong in the ocean. as you can see in the video, the whales are traveling at a great speed and getting the exercise they need. ocra whales are supposed to travel hundreds of miles a day, do they honestly believe they're getting the exercise or the mobility needed living in a tank all their lives? the reason their fin is up right is because when they travel, the pressure of the water keeps it up straight. poor tilikum and the rest of the ocra whales at sea world, especially the majority of the whales that were born in captivity, have never had the luxury of traveling those miles. and if you've seem blackfish, you can see that tilikum's fin is curved. most of the whales that were born at sea world give birth to stillborns, and i believe its due to the fact that they starve them and because they don't get the exercise required to give birth to a healthy baby ocra. not only that but they don't belong there, they belong in the ocrean! free! 

did y'all know that free willy was actually freed and when freed, would go up to shipping boat and close to shore and let people ride him? that's so amazing and thats what sea world should do. they should just release them in to the ocean and let them live the remainder of their lives happy and free. in blackfish, sea world lies to the public and states that ocras live up to about 30 years and that they live longer imprisoned than they would in the ocean. thats a big load of bull! they can live as long as humans in the ocean and for sea world to lie to us and tell us false facts to excuse them from their wrong doing is just cruel! 

its sad how badly these animals are treated and how it took so long to get a petition like this going! i really wish my job was to protect them! i feel helpless sitting behind a computer screen just talking about it, instead of going out there to sea world and giving them a piece of my mind. even though i know that wouldn't do much, i mean, i've sent countless emails and i'm sure they haven't read a single one. i just hope this gives some perceptive to y'all and hope that you take action and sign! every signature counts and we need to help make a splash! 

below is the email i have forwarded to my email contacts and it would be great if you read and clicked on the link below and sign sign sign! 



SeaWorld just got busted by a US government agency for violating the Animal Welfare Act -- and we may have a rare chance to end its animal cruelty for good.

SeaWorld imprisons orca whales in tiny, cage-like tanks -- and the USDA citation reveals conditions at the park are dangerous to the animals' health. SeaWorld is still defending its barbaric practices, but pressure is building on the company.

In a surprise move, a Californian assemblymember has just introduced a law to make it illegal to keep orcas in captivity. This could change everything -- but SeaWorld is already mounting a vicious campaign to defeat this brave move.

Join me to tell the State of California that the public won't accept SeaWorld's imprisonment of orcas any longer:

you can also sign here!

"we are their biggest threat, and their only hope!"

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