new hair

so, like i mentioned in my previous post, my surprise was this unexpected hair cut! i know some of my friends have already seen it on snap chat, and i was receiving all these texts saying "omg your hair!!!" but y'all don't know the reason behind it! 


yesterday, i went in for an ombre style hairdo again. the last time i went was back in september and it had faded to the point where my roots were just toooo dark and my hair was pretty light so the ombre was kind of off, see here! well, i went to this lady that i had gone before, she did great color and amazing extensions but this time, it was a big mistake! she fried my hair and i left crying because i couldn't believe it. last night, i had to wear my hair up to hide it because i was too embarrassed to leave it down and every time i looked at it, i would cry!  i have posted a picture below, please don't judge me or her, she normally does a good job, but she just screwed up my hair and lets just say i won't be going to her again. 

she bleached it and for too long and i swear this is the worst ombre i have ever experienced and i went through my share of bad ombre's. my about me photo on your left, i had to have my hair with that shade of orange for months before i could fix it again. that was done in san antonio, and i got it fix with the same lady that just messed up my hair. i mean, look! i loved my ombre when i had long hair!

omg i miss my long hair! 

omg i miss my long hair! 

it looked awesome before, i don't know how she could have screwed my hair that much to the point where i had to chop it all off.

well anyway, after my mistake, i texted my mom and sister (while crying like a baby) about it and i sent them a photos and texts like:


"i can't believe i did this!"

"i can't believe she did this!"

"what am i going to do"

"my hair is ruined!"

and my mom quickly texted my original hairstylist for an emergency appointment. i've been cutting my hair with her since i was 10 (wow, marlee was only 6) and normally i just do cuts and my eyebrows. my mom texted back saying that she could fix it no problem and that she was going to use an organic color in my hair that last 10 minutes with a treatment right after, i was a little relieved. and lets just say that i needed some drinks last night so i wouldn't have to think about it! 

this morning, i went for my hair repair and after fixing the color and what not she stops and tells me, "before i do the treatment, i just want you to know. she fried you hair, it is way too damaged for repair. the treatment won't help the damages, it will just help moisten it and help with the dryness. " i cried saying "that bad huh?" and she said "yes, its dead, the only way to repair something like this is if we cut it!"

well, the last time i had damaged hair, it didn't grow for two years. i colored my hair three times in one month and damaged it beyond repair! the hell if i was gonna let that happen again! i told her, this is a sign! i had been telling my sister how much i loved kylie jenners hair and that i wanted something similar. not that i wanna be like a 16 year old no, i just loved her hairstyle! so i told her to chop it off! i wasn't gonna go another two years without having my hair grow! no way!!! its not worth it! so i showed her a picture and she did it! 

i like it! love it, maybe! i don't know its just something to get used to. i never thought i could do something like this because my cheeks are too big and what not but i don't know maybe i can pull this off. its different! i do love how she styled it. she made it a little long in the front and short in the back. not like the bob hairdo's everyone was doing in like 2009 but slightly different. what do y'all think?