la sal del rey lake

yesterday, orly and i went to la sal del rey lake, its a wild life refuge where you can go hiking or ride your bike, it's pretty awesome! we saw eagles, lizards, a road runner but none of the big wild life animals. the gate was closed again but i guess it's like that all the time, but i'm glad we didn't go through during easter, that half a mile hike to the lake would have been really bad in my maxi dress. good thing i was already in my workout gear, because boy was it hot and sunny. once we got to the lake, oh my goodness was it an amazing site to see! who would have known that something so gorgeous was located here in the valley. i told orly, that i definitely want to go back maybe for a run or something. check it out! 

^ that's all salt! amazing! ^

i start practicing yoga again a couple of weeks ago and i was finally able to get my tree pose without shaking about everywhere. i got the whole balance on one leg thing. i can't wait until i get my headstand again, i lost it! heck, i can't wait until i'm able to balance on my hands, that will be awesome but i know it will take time. so for now, i'm totally fine with being a yogi wanna be! one day, i will get there! :)

the breeze was just amazing, i love it here!