may birchbox

hi everyone, 

so, if you follow me on instagram you know i posted a picture of my may box that came in but not the goodies that came in it. i told y'all i would do a haul and review whenever i had the chance so here we go.

first off, i want to start off by saying how much i love birchbox! i had checked it out a few months ago when i saw one of my favorite bloggers promoting it. yes, i'm one of those that reads something on a blog and researches it to no end until i end up buying it. whatever! i subscribed and i haven't regretted it since. i mean, for someone who doesn't really know beauty products and all that girly stuff.. getting a sample box once a month to test out, works for someone like me. i mean, clothes i know, make-up and hair products.. umm! yeah that's what i have my sister and best friend for :) but this is a good way to test them out i guess! anyone who wants me to invite them, just type in your email in a comment below :)

anyway, this months box didn't have as much as last months; however, i ended up buying more of these items from this month's box. i decided a few weeks ago that i need to start taking better care of myself--hair and skin wise. not that it's been bad, i mean not to toot my own horn or anything but i've never really had skin problems, except for the occasional pimple and whatnot. but my hair, that's a different story! the box came with a shampoo and conditioner by beauty protector, a sunscreen cream by supergoop, a golden glow cream by marcelle, and some feet wipes by jasmine seven. i was pretty happy with this box, all the samples were pretty great, below are the ones that i actually purchased and why. 

the first samples that caught my eye were the daily protector shampoo and conditioner by beauty protector. the reason i was drawn to it was because it said protector.. yes please! i need that bad. okay, well not bad but ever since my hair catastrophe, i've been turning to by best friend for hair products that could help. i tested out the shampoo and i have a bad habit of putting way too much shampoo on my head and did so with this sample. yeah, i shouldn't have done that. with this shampoo you do not need to use as much as i would have thought. i put practically the whole thing in my hair and because it's so thick and creamy, you only need maybe like a quarter size amount. whoops! and omg the smell is amazing!! i can't get over how amazing my hair smells at this very moment. orly says it smells like candy but i don't know it smells much more delicious than that to me. anyway, the shampoo and conditioner are supposed to strengthen my hair, nourish it and help with volume and all that good stuff.. which is good since my hair seems to just go straight down most of the time, i've needed some type of umph (is that how you spell it or even say it?). so, i ended up buying this product and to save a little money i got the trio pack which came with a detangling spray. i don't really have a problem with tangles but it also nourishes and has a defrizz thing which i like because my hair is always frizzy, well at least the top part! yeah, really excited to try out for awhile!


i also ended up getting the golden glow cream from marcelle, which i'm really excited about. i was talking to my best friend about starting to look into a foundation or powder and she recommended a few. i went to sephora last week and tested some out and i was leaning more something that was light so i was looking at the moisturizer with a color pigment and omg i couldn't do it! i just, i don't know. all i wear now is concealer under my eyes so moving to something else around my whole face is a big step and i didn't like it. i didn't like that i felt like i had too much shit on my face! which sucked because i really wanted something that was light enough to where i didn't feel anything. well, this golden glow was just what i was looking for! it has an incredibly light color pigment that goes on smoothly and i don't feel a thing! i'm in love! its supposed to even skin tone and hydrate my skin so i am really really excited for this product! 

the last thing that i purchased was the everyday sunscreen cream from supergoop. i really liked how it felt on my skin, it moisturizes, keeps the skin looking young and has spf 30. oh, and it smells really good, too! lately, i've been obsessed with keeping my skin looking young. i mean, i use red light therapy every week, i also started using a hydrating cream every morning and night around my eyes and all that good stuff. i figured i should start taking care of my skin now while i'm still young so i won't have an issue when i'm older. i mean, i'm gonna be a quarter in a few months! ahhhh! time to start caring! and i needed something to protect me against the sun since summertime is right around the corner and the sun is just way to sunny these days! anyway, yeah i'm excited to see how well this sunscreen cream works. i've been using it for a few days before applying the golden glow sample and i love how they both set in. 

so yeah, may's box was pretty awesome! i was wondering why the inside of the box looked very saturday-ish by kate spade and realized that when digging in a little more that i got a $25 coupon.. holla! of course, i used it right away! i bought this cute little make-up bag (see pic below) for my purse because i didn't have one, i usually have all my make up scattered everywhere, it's time to be a little more organized. and seeing as i don't own that much make-up to begin with, i figured this little bag will do! i also bought this super colorful scarf that i'm in love with (see pic below), perfect for summer even though it's a million degrees outside.. i don't care, i'll use it anyway! and yeah, i saved $25 woo!!

now, i just need cool shades similar to these!

now, i just need cool shades similar to these!

i think the only product that i didn't buy were the feet wipes by jasmine seven. i don't really have a need for them. i mean maybe if i lived in a place where i walked everywhere or i was on my feet all day and whatnot. but right now, i think i'm good! but other than that, very happy with this box and excited to get my products in soon! oh, and since this was my first purchase and i downloaded he app on my phone.. i got 20% off :) 

i hope everyone has an amazing day today!