what to look forward to

so, i've been pretty busy lately and have neglected my blog for awhile but while i've been working, i've also been brainstorming.. new ideas for posts and whatnot.

i started making a list of what to look forward to this month and here's what i came up with:

1. i'll be posting a lot more type pics in june (about 2-3 a week) here on my blog and as well on style tag. check it out, and follow me please and thank you!

2. the shop! not only will mine and my sister's closet be up for sale (we're shooting for late june/early july! too much shit to go through!) but i'll be selling a few items that i've made myself. more on that later though, so stay tuned for that!

below is a little sneak peak! 

3. every thursday, i'll be posting a "simple style for less" post! i shop so much online and i'm always finding pretty good deals and since i've become affiliated with most of the shops that i shop on online, i get pretty good offers that i get to share with all of y'all. 

4. also, towards the end of the month, i'll be doing a monthly obsessions post where i'll talk about everything i'm obsessed with in that current month.  it will range from clothes, to lifestyle and beauty products, songs and food! (may is coming up soon! i'm a little late on it but whatever the weather!)

5. i'll be testing out different lifestyle and beauty product more often and writing about them (kind of like my most recent post) so i'm excited for that! you won't see that much make-up stuff though, probably just lipsticks and blushes! i mean and maybe mascara's; although, i've been using this mascara recently that i'm absolutely in love with. i'll talk more about that in my monthly obsessions post! 

well, these are just a few things i wanted to share of what to expect from my blog. there's probably more but these are the only one i can come up with at the top of my head right now! i've been getting more subscribers so i'm gonna start working on my weekly campaigns so if you haven't subscribed please do so below :)

have a great day and i hope you're excited to what's coming this month!! 

hello june!