is it vintage?

so, as i've said before.. i've been incredibly busy lately! and when it comes to my outfits of the day, i've been wearing similar looks.. but eh not really. anyway, i've been wearing these outfits with old handbags, which i love! and my question is, is it vintage if they're over 10-15 years old? don't think so but i do love the vintage-inspired look to it. 

back to the similar looks, i really don't have time to put cute things together. normally, i create outfits in my head but i only really wear them when i'm having a good hair day or have the time to straighten it out. so, yesterday and today i wore my free people shorts, don't judge and don't tell me you've never worn the same jeans two days in a row! i know you'd be lying lol! anyway, i wore both outfits with my now worn-out looking converse. maybe i use them too much, but whatever! 

today, i wore a rose pink blazer from forever 21 that i got last year but never got to wear. i know i'm crazy to be wearing a blazer in this heat but it looked cute with a plane white tee! i paired it together with an old gucci handbag that i got about 10 years ago. i loved this bag, especially because it looks like the old style gucci bags and has a cute turquoise trim to it. and like i asked before, is it considered vintage if it's about 10 years old? i never know, but i'm just happy it kind of looks like it. 

yesterday's look, i wore a big tee that i thought was from urban outfitters but thinking about it later that day, i'm pretty sure i got it at wasteland.. whoops! so i wore it with my mom's old hermes crossbody. a little pop of red to spice up the outfit. this bag is about 15+ years old. i stole it from my momma and she's probably never getting it back :)

lately i've been obsessed with floral print anything, especially rompers! i purchased two of them in the last week or so and they finally came in. i'll be posting looks later this week. i was going through a bunch of my old clothing and i found an old floral romper from urban outfitters and i was actually going to wear it today but omg it's so tight :( yeah, i haven't been eating right nor exercising lately.. i've gained about 5 pounds, waa! but i blame it on my job! anyway, that romper is the cutest thing and i can't wait to lose a little weight to wear it and show it to y'all in the near future!

well, i hope everyone has a great tuesday! it's game day again :) go spurs go!