why i blog

hi everyone! 

well, i got asked the other day why i blog and i wanted to share my answer with y'all. i blog as a hobby! it's an outlet for me to show and talk about my life, fashion and all that good stuff with the world. i love styling of any sort and love sharing it with people. and yes, i do feel silly posting random pictures of myself and of my outfits. i am clearly not a model and i'm not trying to be! they're just fun pictures that i hope inspire you all! 

i started blogging from the suggestion of friends and family and it's because of their support that i keep going! i've been featured in a very minor setting like a designer's instagram account or twitter and i'm not gonna lie, when that happens! i'm like on cloud nine even though it something so small. but any recognition or support makes me giddy! because trust me, i wouldn't be posing awkwardly for pictures just for nothing. i mean, i'm probably the most shy and awkward person ever. i don't seem that way sometimes, but i am. especially in front of a camera! but i love styling and talking about life and thats why i blog! 

well, that's it for now! i will post a style picture later on this afternoon.. maybe! 

have a good morning, xo!