back to reality

hi everyone! 

monday.. back to reality, huh? it always bugs me when monday comes around and you feel like you've totally wasted the weekend. especially for me, coming back from a short trip. back to work, life and all that good stuff! 

my random trip went well. i love visiting my family in los angeles, even if it was just 4-5 days! it was something! last year, i also visited around this time. if you've kept up with my blog (which, i just noticed has been a year since i started!!!), you'll see pics of my trip here and here and see that i never really do much but eat, drink and sleep when i'm over there! i go to my favorite restaurants and bars. haven't done the touristy thing since i first took orly to visit! 

this trip was kind of like that! i didn't take many pictures though! like at all, i took maybe a handful but that was because i was just spending time with my family and relaxing. orly didn't go this time around, and he regrets it but school comes first and especially when he's so close to the finish line! at least he has new york to look forward to, i sure am! i'll talk more about my trip in tomorrow's post and i will post the few pictures that i did take! 

i am starting kickboxing today! boy, do i need it! when i was up there, i felt so swollen it was gross! i was able to experience the hottest day ever in los angeles which of course would be when i visit. just my luck but after my 4 mile hike, i vowed to get back into shape (more on that tomorrow). so yeah, kickboxing! it's been a year since i've done it! i trained for about three months last year, then i switched over to a mix of kickboxing and krav maga, which i absolutely loved! but since it's been a year since i got lazy and stopped going, i'm gonna start off with kickboxing again and i'm excited to kick some ass! lol! 

well, i hope y'all have a great monday. i gotta get back to work, blah! have a great day!