can it be fall already?

but really though! one of my friends posted on instagram that she is over this weather and just wants it to be fall already and i couldn't agree more! i feel like it gets hotter and hotter as the days go by and it feels like fall is never going to come. i think yesterday it sprinkled a little but it was still incredibly hot and today is a little breezier than yesterday, looks like it might rain.. oh, i hope it does, we're due for a little water! not that it's that much better in the fall but i'm over this 100 degree weather, really! i don't know if y'all know or if i've mentioned it at all on my blog before but fall going into winter is my favorite time of year. spring and summer are great but down here in the valley, its torture! especially having a black car. 

i mean, don't get me wrong.. we have south padre like an hour away but it's not like i ever go! i think i went once the entire summer so what good does that do me? i'm so ready for cooler weather so i can wear cute scarves and oversized sweaters with cute little booties, i can already picture it. i have a list of everything i want for fall and i'm actually glad most stores are getting their fall shipment in because i'm all for it. 

new york is t-12 days and i couldn't be more excited! i've been counting down the days since i booked the trip last month. and we found out yesterday that my sister is going to join us on the trip, yay!! i was cuddling with bud this morning before i left to work and i remembered that he's still just a baby and that he's probably going to miss us when we're gone for the 5 days. i know i'll miss him like crazy! 

well, i hope you all have an amazing friday and an even better weekend!