Fantasy Football

Yeah, I play fantasy. I know last year I was going on about how I wanted my own team because Orly wouldn't take my input while sharing the same team. But having to draft and put together a line up all on my own for not just one league, but three. Yeah, it's very stressful! But I ended up winning two out of my three leagues this week. And I honestly think it was by luck. Of course there were a few regrets of not starting this player and those questions if they're going to play or not. I totally dropped the ball on my ESPN fantasy. It's confusing for me since I'm used to the NFL one but I got the hang of it but completely forgot to change a few things before the games started! But my goodness there are so many players to keep up with this time around, it's insane. Now that week one has passed, I think I have my head on straight and i'll be ready for week two. 

Week one, I played against my sister and I honestly thought she was going to beat me. Thank Goodness she didn't! I don't think I would have talked to her for awhile if she had. Yeah, I would have been pretty upset and I have to say I was a little nervous! If it wasn't for Philips and those picks, I would have been done for. I had stafford and she had Megatron, I kept hoping for Stafford to throw to Tate but I mean, Megatron is a beast and she should have a good season with him! 

At least my Broncos came out winning! That's really all that matters to me. Even if I'm playing against a Broncos player, I don't care that I lose just as long as my Broncos win it, thats all that matters to me! This is going to be a great season! Our defense looks sharp and our offense, well I can't complain there, I hope they're just as strong as they were last year and I hope we make it to the Super Bowl again and actually win it this time. Please, positive vibes only when talking about the Broncos! 

I have some new jersey's to buy this year and I already have my NFL cart full of t-shirts, pajamas and more that I cannot wait to buy! iIm thinking of even getting Bud a cute little shirt so he can show his support! #unitedinorange

Well, I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday. This weekend was by far the best with fashion week and NFL kickoff and a bunch of shows are coming back out! So much to look forward to this Fall season! 

Until next time!