La Vie en Rouge, Bleu et Jaune...

Yesterday I had a very quirky, funny post all typed out then my internet connection decided to fade away, as did all my words and about an hour of work.  So this post is going to be the meat of the topic.  Let's start with who I am.  I am Leandra Blei, an Austin photographer that collaborates with Hello-Tuesday on occasion.  We bop around Austin finding fun walls and great light.  Betsy is just adorable.  I am currently in France, having come across for a wedding.  I thought it might be fun to do a European blog take over.  I believe this is the second.  If you missed when Betsy's sister, (who is also crazy beautiful), came over, be sure to scroll through to early Summer to check it out. 

When headed out the door in any country, it is important to reflect your own personal style.  Trying to dress in a way that is out of our element will show through to the the rest of the world that we are a bit uncomfortable.  Yes, it is fun to play dress up but whatever your personality, trying or not, what we like is what we like.  It is the same way we choose our mates.  There are general things we appreciate such as eye or hair color but sometimes there is just something about a guy (girl), jacket, shoe buckle, hand bag, that pulls us in.  

In case you did not know, the coolest city in France currently is not, in fact Paris, but Bordeaux.  It is reminiscent of the old Paris circa Picasso and Hemingway; full of social discussions, art and of course wine.  Since it is South West it is also quite sunny most days and not far from the coast. I know the city well enough to not feel as intimidated as when I am in Paris but the biggest contrast in styles I have noticed is the bohemian-chic way of dressing.  It reminds me so much of Austin.  Full of colors and fun.

French weddings are really something.  If you are ever invited to one, I suggest hydrating a full day and a half in advance as well as getting a full nights sleep.  The French know how to party.  So much so they INVENTED the RSVP.  The celebration lasts til the next morning, you will be absolutely worthless the day after but it will have all been worth the memories.  The two I have attended so far have been full of surprises, skits and lots and lots and lots of wine and champagne.  The first one made me miss a flight to Rome but live and learn, or rather, "C'est la vie".

Here are some snaps from cocktail time before the reception.  Beer, wine, champagne, raw oysters, foie gras, Spanish Chorizo... The women were looking fabulous and the men quite dapper.  The bride wore a dress that perfectly reflected her personality.  Complete, (not pictured), with a flower crown, and leather jacket.  She was beautiful!