France and it's certain," je ne sais quoi"

I absolutely love France and most things French.  Since this is also a lifestyle blog I will talk a bit about what I most admire about their way of life.  They are a guarded people, which I think gets misconstrued as being rude.  Generally speaking if they don't know you then they have little interest in making small talk and as someone who is consistently sticking her foot in her mouth, this is something I can appreciate.  The less interaction with strangers for me, the better.  I did however, make some new friends this time around, one French girl and one a British Expat,(both bloggers of course), that I met through Instagram.  Funny how social media is changing the way we meet people.  I know for you youngsters it's all, 'business as usual', but for someone who only purchased her first computer in '07, I was still a little bewildered day two in Paris texting my new BFF to go on a food tour with me, when we had only met in person the day before.  But anyway... Enough about kids these days and how things have changed...Below are some of my favorite things about what I have grown to consider, my second home.

1.  The People Watching- The terrace chairs are arranged specifically to sit next to friends, side by side, and chit-chat, have a coffee, glass of wine or dessert.  Or even to sit alone and watch the world go by because life moves a little slower in Europe in general.  

2.  The Lifestyle- As a size 12, I am always reminded that it might be time to walk a little more or lift a weight or two whenever I am abroad.  It is no surprise that people are in a little better shape in the city since they are doing a lot of walking.  Did I say a lot?  I meant a shit ton of walking.  The elevators are small, the stairs are never ending.  Bikes are pretty handy and plentiful.  


3.  The Food -Restaurants are highly regulated and must let patrons know if their food was made somewhere else, (frozen patties or other food from a factory a thousand miles away, for example) or made in house and they are very strict about GMO's as well.  Unlike in the States where Farmer's Markets are more expensive, in the French open markets food is cheaper than most processed food or veggies you might find in a grocery store.  So between the walking and the fresh, non-processed food, the French are generally healthier but not because they are doing any particularly special other than living their day to day lives.  

5.  All the Pretty Stuff-As a Libra I have a high appreciation for the shiny and the beautiful.  I don't buy perfumes or wear a lot of make up but I do love walking the shopping centers and touching the clothes I can't have.  Or looking through a window at a nice dressing.  Fun, artful, creative.  L'esprit you could say.  It is what draws me to want to learn more and incorporate the most fabulous parts of it into my American life.  So far so good.  If you liked my guest spots, be sure to check out my site and follow me on instagram @lafemmefoto  <3